Inbound Link Campaigns – the Types of Links you Need

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When it comes to SEO, there really are two things you need.  First you need a well optimized site as we have discussed on several other posts on this site.  The other thing you need is a well rounded variety of inbound links – specifically more and better quality links than your competitors.

The following list is a great synopsis of the types of links you want in your SEO Inbound Link Campaign.

Standard Links

–          Forum Links

–          Blog Comments

–          Web Directories

–          Social Bookmarks

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Internal SEO Website Building Process for New Sites and Conversions

The process for building websites with SEO in mind, is as follows:

Search Phrase Sitemap

·         Two primary keyword phrase search terms selected for entire site

·         Home page targets two primary keyword phrase search terms selected for entire site

·         Additionally, one or two keyword phrase search term(s) targeted per content page

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Internal Website Search Optimizations

What are the best Internal Website Search Optimizations? 

stockxpertcom_id277758_size1These are things you can do, or have your Portland Web Designer do for you, to your website, to increase its visibility in search engines.  Do you want to know all of them?  A search for the SEO Basics brings us up #10 so we are somebody, but who searches with THE before their real keyterm :)… nobody.  We have only just begun, to liiiiive!  Wow, it’s late… SOO… We have yet to optimize our site on optimization.  That is the thing with good web designers, they rarely have time to work on their own projects!

The best Internal Website Search Optimizations to make are (from home page click read more to continue):

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Initial SEO Strategy Planning

stockxpertcom_id1917681_size2Proper SEO strategy requires Excellent Initial Planning.

Why plan?  Planning your SEO strategy before you begin is a great way to ensure that your eventual goals and benchmarks are met.  Building a website and subsequently integrating keyword phrases can leave your site sounding like it had keyword injections, whereas if you plan and execute according to your plan, each page will already be dedicated to a concept so it is more likely to have plenty of on-topic, keyword-rich content. 

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